Trystan Bull – Short Shafted

Hello! Trystan Bull is back with another hot to the boot update and for today’s video we have a little surprise for you that we think is going to be very well received. Just be prepared for a sexy threesome and for lots of moaning. In this update, you are going to enjoy three hot stud guys that are going to take their time pleasuring one another until all of them are going to receive a full and hard orgasm. This update has everything you need for a beautiful evening: cock sucking, hardcore fucking, hard orgasm and even more. Just click on that play button on the screen and let’s take our time to enjoy these three sexy guys fucking and sucking one another. 

Only here TrystanBull you get to enjoy the best scene! As our cameras start to roll you’ll see that our guys couldn’t wait and decided to take off their clothes. They are pretty warmed up because of them started to jerk off that big cock of his and his companions really enjoy seeing him doing that. They decided that he is the first to receive some pleasure because he was the first to take action. Watch this guy getting penetrated by both ends today and while he is being fucked and he sucks the cock in front of him he also jerks himself off until all three of them are going to cum at the same time.  Enjoy it!


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Over the Top

Hello and welcome back for a brand new update Trystan Bull. We are here, in front of you today with a pair that is going to make all your fantasies come to life. If you want to see what this video is about, just make sure to click on that big play button on the screen and to take your time with these two sexy guys. There are kind of new around here and we apologize for their shyness. But please do not be fooled by those angelic faces of them because you can’t even imagine what they have underneath that. Take a look at this guy sucking a huge dick! 

TrystanBull video has for you an update that is going to remain for a very long time in your mind. We bring in front of you all today this naughty pair that just can not wait to take off their clothes and to start their scene. As you can see they did consume some alcohol before this scene and because of that, they are even naughtier than usual if that is even possible. They are going to take turns into sucking hard one another because they just enjoy the taste of dicks and be sure that these two are not going to stop until they both cum hard. If you want to see these hot hunks getting naughty, just enjoy! All this is for you! See you all soon. Bye!


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Trystan Bull – Porch Party

After a hard game, our Trystan Bull guys decided to have a little party. Once the party was over everyone went home, but two guys decided to stay a little longer because they have to solve one little problem. They wanted to make their own party, a party with naked bodies and lots of hardcore anal fucking. And this is what they’ve done. Check them out only here at TrystanBull videos and see them fuck hard one another in their tight asses for this amazing new gallery that we have for you. We know that you are very eager to see these two naughty guys into some hardcore action, so let’s get down to business, click that play button on the screen, take your time with these two and enjoy this naughty and kinky fuck scene.

They were alone at the house so these two decided that it is time to get rid of their clothes because what they have in mind did not include undergarments. They are going to start off their scene by kissing and caressing every inch of their bodies and every finger fucking their asses because they want to be nice and prepared for that fuck. They’ve drunk a little too much at the party and wanted to fuck right there but there were too many people watching them. So now it’s their time to enjoy the party. Stay tuned for another update! See you soon! Bye bye!



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Nursing the Wounded

Hello and welcome back for another update from Trystan Bull. We are glad that you are back because for today we have a naughty and sexy surprise for you all. If you want to see what this is about just to make sure that you’ll enjoy it, make yourself comfortable, take your time and click on that play button on the screen and you’re not going to regret it. This awesome pair took things to another level of naughtiness and you’ll see in just a few more moments what this is about. So, watch here this guy sucking one hard big cock and how much he enjoys it!

This TrystanBull guy got into a little accident with his bicycle and because he hit so leg hard, he decided to go to the hospital. When his boyfriend heard about his he panicked and he rushed to the hospital. By the time that he got there the visiting hours were finished and his boyfriend already messaged him and told him that he has to stay the night. Heating that he could not be beside his boyfriend, our guy decided to buy hospital clothes and to sneak inside posing as a nurse. While his boyfriend was asleep he when into his room and started to massage and then suck off his cock. If you want to see more just enjoy it until the end. See you all very soon with a brand new update. Bye bye!


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Trystan Bull – On The Set

For today’s Trystan Bull update we have for you a pair that just could not help themselves and they could not hold their hands off one another. These two friends decided to play some billiards and they decided to play at one of them house because their parents were away and they wanted to have some fun. They started to play but once the game got more serious the atmosphere started to get a little tensioned and their mood switched. You can feel the pressure between them on the air. See these hot guys fucking one another!

The decisive moment was one the blonde guy put his hand on our TrystanBull dude. They just connected immediately and in just a second their hot bodies were against one another and the action started to begin. They took their time taking off their clothes, enjoying every inch of each other’s body. You’ll see them kissing and moaning, pressing their crotch hard against one another. After all that steamy action is gone our dude decides to take the problem into his master hands and starts by giving him companion an amazing handjob. After that, you’ll just enjoy even more hot and naughty scenes, with these two guys trying out all sorts of naughty and kinky things, making sure that both of them are getting the same amount of pleasure. Stay tuned for more and do not forget to check our site again soon. See you! Bye!



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Instructor Bull

Trystan Bull is back and be sure that we did not come in front of you all empty handed. For today’s brand new update that we made especially for you all to enjoy another hot pair getting all down and dirty with one another just for your pleasuring view. This brunette dude decided that it’s time for him to go to the gym again but he was kind of broke for the moment. He thought that maybe his friend that works there is going to let him come for one-month for free because they are very old friends and this will be a small favor. Enjoy this dude getting his cock sucked by a friend!

But little did he knew that his friend has a crush on him for a very long time and that he couldn’t wait to have a taste of him. TrystanBull is back and we hope that you are going to take your time enjoying this video. Make sure to watch it until the end because their scenes are delicious! When he saw our dude coming to him and asking for a favor all that he could think off was the idea that now he can taste him. He told him to come in a private area to discuss the issue and when he got there he just took his pants off, got down on his knee and started to suck his cock! Enjoy it and see you all soon! Bye!


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Trystan Bull – Leisure Rules

Hello! Welcome back for another Trystan Bull hot update. In this brand new video, we are going to show you all the proper way to cool off on a hot day of summer. These two old friends were by the pool, the weather was just perfect but they were kind of bored. So, in this video, you are going to see hot this relaxing day is going to become a day full of fucking by the pool side, with these two naughty dudes taking turned into fucking each other because they just can not get enough cock. Check this video out and let’s take our time to enjoy these scenes. This special day came with a special surprise for you and enjoy these two guys sucking and fucking one another. 

These two TrystanBull dudes did put on quite a show for the cameras on this hot afternoon and you are going to enjoy some great fuck scenes. They are going to please one another all day long and all you have to do is to make sure that you’ll take your time watching this video until the end of it. They are hot, naughty and can not wait to show in front of you their delicious oral skills. This gallery is going to make you all hot and naughty, so make sure that you don’t miss it. Stay tuned for more video and do not forget that we post every day! Bye bye!


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Cyclist in Distress

Hello and welcome back to another hot update from Trystan Bull. We are back today with a hot and horny guy that was in distress today and need it some help with his bike. He thought that he will reach his home but unfortunately, his bike broke and he needed to fix it immediately.  Our boy decided to stop by at a dude that he known. But oh, wait, he does not have cash! All his money are gone because he did to many groceries and he does not know how he could pay this dude for fixing his bike. See this guy sucking a dick! 

Out TrystanBull guy have a splendid idea and we invite you to see what he wants to do with this needy guy. He told him that he is willing to fix his bike if he is willing to do something in return for him. Our boy didn’t think too much of the situation and he said yes immediately to this idea because he really wanted to go home. He was very surprised when this dude told him that all he wants is to suck his dick but he didn’t mind. The dude in front of him is really hot and he had some naughty fantasies with him too. He is going to offer him a very interesting and pleasing oral. Just watch this video until the end and we will see you very soon. Bye bye!


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Trystan Bull – Bull Dozing

Trystan Bull not only have the best gay scenes that exist, but we also have the best guys. You all know that our hunks are well made, muscular and more importantly, they have huge cocks and they know how to use it properly. For today we have another pair that is not going to leave your mind very soon. If you want to see what these guys have for you just click on that play button on the screen and make sure to take your time enjoying their video. Let’s all enjoy this sexy Asian guy getting fucked by Trystan! 

TrystanBull cameras start to roll and you will see our two protagonists ready for some hardcore sex. They are in the garden, all naked, enjoying the sun because they want to get tanned. But when this sexy and naughty Asian guy starts to jerk off in front of our guy he just could not help himself and decided to take him time helping his companion with his big and hard problem. He kneels in front of him, taking him by surprize and puts his juicy lips around that big cock. He starts sucking it with lust while his companion moans in pleasure and beg for more. And he is going to receive more. If you are curious to see what our Trystan guy get to do with his companion today just enjoy this video! See you all soon with another hot update. Stay tuned!


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Breaking Bad

Hello and welcome back for another hot Trystan Bull update that is going to make your blood boil. As usual, we have for you a pair that is going to make all your fantasies run wild, just make sure to click on that play button and to really take your time to enjoy their video until the end because they do have a naughty and hot surprize for you at the end. Let’s check out this horny  Trystan getting his dick sucked and how much he enjoys to be the dominator in this video.

His companion is new around here and he decided to teach him how things work. TrystanBull specially requested him to be his companion today and couldn’t say no to him. Both of them are really hot. You just have to be patient and to see their abs that are to die for. We are sure that you’ll want to lick them a little too. But, for today you’ll get to enjoy how our new guy gets to lick and suck some huge cock! He is going to suck it until his companion will jizz all over his pretty face and after that, he is also going to offer him his naughty ass to fuck… And just trust us when we tell you that you absolutely have to see this scene.  Do not forget to check out our site again very soon because we will be back with another hot to the boot update for you to enjoy. See you soon! Bye!


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