Instructor Bull

Trystan Bull is back and be sure that we did not come in front of you all empty handed. For today’s brand new update that we made especially for you all to enjoy another hot pair getting all down and dirty with one another just for your pleasuring view. This brunette dude decided that it’s time for him to go to the gym again but he was kind of broke for the moment. He thought that maybe his friend that works there is going to let him come for one-month for free because they are very old friends and this will be a small favor. Enjoy this dude getting his cock sucked by a friend!

But little did he knew that his friend has a crush on him for a very long time and that he couldn’t wait to have a taste of him. TrystanBull is back and we hope that you are going to take your time enjoying this video. Make sure to watch it until the end because their scenes are delicious! When he saw our dude coming to him and asking for a favor all that he could think off was the idea that now he can taste him. He told him to come in a private area to discuss the issue and when he got there he just took his pants off, got down on his knee and started to suck his cock! Enjoy it and see you all soon! Bye!


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