Trystan Bull videos – Trystan & Johnny Torque

What happens when two hot men get together at gym? Most times nothing much, but here we are talking about the latest Trystan Bull free videos, so get comfortable, because things are different here.Trystan and Marcus Mojo have been friends for a long time and have always had a thing for one another but never had the courage to act on it. But once they were finally alone on the gym, they were able to get down and dirty, just the way we love it at They loved to feel their bodies against ne another, their long dicks getting harder and harder. They took turns sucking hard one another, feeling their dicks into their mouths and not stopping until they both cum splashing their jiiz all over the place. Check them out at Trystan Bull gay porn and enjoy.

Well as you know, mister Torque has appeared in lots and lots of se scenes. So today he’s more or less a special guest of Trystan’s. And the two of them would like to have some hot and steamy gay sex in front of the cameras and you guys today. Johnny was very eager to get it on two as he has heard only good things about Trystan so far, and he intends to become good fuck buddies with him. And after this scene we are sure they did. Watch as mister Torque starts off this sex show by sucking on Trystan’s big cock to get him nice and hard, and then watch him bending over to allow our stud to penetrate that nice and tight ass of his with his might and hard cock today. Bye!

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Trystan Bull videos – Sweet Torture

In this latest free Trystan Bull videos, Trystan plays the role of a highly qualified secret agent who captures a spy, and in order to make him talk and give him the information he needs, he has to torture him. And this spy will experience a new kind of torture, in a pure TrystanBull gay porn style. He didn’t even know what was coming for him, until he saw Trystan getting all naked and showing off one large hard dick which was getting closed and closed to his ass. As he was tight up, Trystan was able to do what he wanted. He made him spread his legs wide open and the crammed his big sausage into his tight ass hall, pushing it deep and deeper, feeling his spy moan with pain and pleasure.He loved to fill his ass with his cum as he was fucking him hard. Check them out at trystan bull pics or inside TimTales web site and see if the spy spoke.

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Well today Trystan gets to play the harsh master with his male sex toy, and he just loved the role play. You get to see some nice and light BDSM today as Trystan gets to fuck one very submissive breeditraw guy that wants to obey each and every command that Trystan gives him. And of course that the first one is for him to suck on Trystan’s large cock. watch him obey as he works that meat pole with a passion for today and enjoy it everyone. Rest assured that Trystan gave him a good anal dicking as well by the end of this scene and blew his load all over his ass too!

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Trystan’s friend, Johnny has finally got his therapist license and he wanted his long time friend Trystan to be his first official client here at raging stallion. But what started out as a nice back massage, turned into the latest free trystan bull videos, because the guys could not hold their hands off one another and started to get down and nasty right there on the table. They took their time to get in the mood, feeling their hot bodies against one another and then it was time for the good times to begin. Trystan got layed on the massage table and got the suck of his life, in a pure His friend really knew what he was doing, licking and sucking his large hard dick, until he made Trystan cum all over the place, splashing his jiiz. The boys had a good time together, as you can see for yourself at trystan bull porn .

Well the thing is that Trystan sure deserved a nice and relaxing time after all the hard work he’s been putting in for these past weeks, and so this male masseur would make sure to treat his body nicely for this whole afternoon as Trystan just gets to relax. And of course that he also was going to give a nice and steamy happy end to this whole scene, as Trystan just loves that. So watch him work every inch of Trystan’s body, and then see him getting to work on that nice and big cock of his as he massages it with his juicy and expert lips today too. Enjoy it everyone!


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TrystanBull – Wet ad Wild threesome

Hot boy hang out turned into sexy three some, all in this latest from This  sexy little orgy has all the right ingredients, like deep ass fucking ,hard cock sucking and orgasm coming one after to other with cum all over the place. Check them out at chaosmen and enjoy this hot and sexy threesome video with Trystan and two of his very good buddies today. The other two know that your favorite hunk always throws the best sex parties and there was no way they could say no to such an invitation for this fine day today. Let’s get this show on the road and watch the sexy studs have some superb fun in front of the cameras.

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As the cameras start to roll, the trio formed from these studs, heads back over to the bedroom as they lose all of their clothes along the way. And rest assured that from the very beginning they started with some pretty wild and hot cock sucking sessions, as all the cocks needed to be nice and hard for one another’s tight asses to be fucked today. Watch closely as Trystan and one of his buddies get to fuck all of the holes of one of the other dudes that ends up being the little man slut for the evening. Watch him getting fucked in the ass while he sucks on Trystan’s cock today and enjoy the sexy show!

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Trystan Bull Marko Lebeau

Trsystan was getting bored home alone and so he called uo his old friend Marko and the result of that meeting is the latest Trystan Bull Marko Lebeau. They got all worked up, getting their large dicks all hard and good, and then Trystan ass got violated by his friend’s fingers, as he finger fucked him all night long. Marko is a good friend of Trystan’s and he occasionally drops by this stud’s place to have some sexual fun. And you can imagine that your favorite stud was very happy to have him over for this nice afternoon today as that only meant some nice sexual fun for the both of them.

And you know Trystan. He’s not one to back down from a superb afternoon full of sexual fun any time. So let’s just sit back and get their show started as we bet you’re eager to see it too. Watch as Marko starts to undress Trystan until he has him nude, and you get to watch him stroking his big and uncut dick with a passion to get him nice and hard. Eventually both studs end up naked and you can only guess what happened from there. So just sit back and watch the show, and we’re going to let you discover the rest of this scene today for yourselves. Have fun with it and see you next week with more amazing scenes everyone!



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Trystan Bull solo

Hot steamy Trystan loves to work out his already  sexy body, and in this latest Trystan Bull solo video he caught the chance to do so all nude, showing off his really firm tight ass and a dick i know i could suck on all night long and then start all over again. He loves to touch his body, feeling his muscles and flat sexy packs belly, and as he reached lower, he can not help it and he starts playing with his friend, getting him all hard, just the way we love it at Check him out as he cum all over the place. Well you guys asked for it, and this stud is here once more as he wants to show you a nice and hot solo session.

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As this nice and fresh week started off, Trystan wanted to show off some more of his hot and sexy body to you guys, and so you get to see a nice and sexy solo scene with this amazing stud pleasing himself in front of the cameras and you. Watch as he takes a break after his workout at the gym, and he pulls out a nice sex toy too to play with. It’s a fleshlight made custom for his big dick, and you just need to see this guy go to work with it in this scene. Sit back and watch him sliding his big dick inside that toy, and enjoy the whole thing. We’re sure that you’ll love it and rest assured we’ll have more of him next time!

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Over The Top, Under The Bull

Trystan and his friend were do  hot for one another that they just could not wait to get in the bedroom, and so they fucked hard right there on the bar, making on the latest free Trystan Bull videos. Check them out as they rip their ass apart, cramming their large dicks into their tight asses for this fine evening. Trystan got to meet this nice and horny stud at the club tonight and he knew he would be getting some ass this fine evening. Thing is the guy was looking for a proper partner to let him fuck his ass tonight and we say that Trystan is the perfect choice for that in this nice and hot update today. So let’s get this show started.

As soon as they reached Trystan’s place, they locked the door behind them as to not be disturbed by anyone and they started to undress as they were kissing and caressing one another’s muscled bodies. Sit back and watch them go for it all over the living room, and see this nice little clip start off with Trystan’s new fuck buddy getting to suck and slurp on that big and hard dick of his for this simply amazing update today. And Trystan gets to treat that ass nicely as well afterwards, as he sticks his big dick on one nice and tight naughty ass. Watch as the guy moans in pleasure while Trystan fucks him hard from behind!

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TrystanBull – Security Officer

Check out sexy looking officer Trystan in this latest trystanbull.He caught this man while he was trying to hitch a car and as a punishment he made him get down on his knees and suck him long and hard making sure there was not an inch on hid large hard dick that was not licked. Check them out at  free Trystan bull videos  as officer Trystan can not hold in any longer and fills his mouth with his cum and them splashes some more all over the place. Enjoy as Trystan gets to do some role play today and see him getting down and dirty with this hot hunk that he gets to share the scene with for this afternoon.


As the scene goes, this guy was very naughty and Trystan needs to play bad cop today with him. He’s going to give him a lesson in breaking the law, but taking into consideration that the guy enjoyed himself quite a lot, we thing he may be repeating his offenses soon. Well as long as Trystan is still the one to catch him red handed. Anyway watch as the law breaker gets to suck Trystan’s big and hard cock today, and watch him as he then presents his ass for a cavity search too. And of course Trystan searches his butt thoroughly with his big and hard cock for this whole afternoon. Enjoy it and see you next time! Until then, watch some blacktgirls videos and see some hot trannies sucking cocks!

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Trystan Bull Marcus Mojo

What  better way  to cool of on a hot summer day than to  hook up with one of your oldest friends and make the latest Trystan Bull Marcus Mojo . In this one we bring to you Trystand and his young friend fucking long and hard on the porch, taking turns in cramming their large hard dicks into  their tight ass halls, making sure that they went as deep as possible and then enjoying the cum spread all over the place. Check them out at trystanbull pictures and enjoy. Well as you can see this is kind of a special day today. As in this nice and hot gallery you get to see Trystan getting it on with the one and the only stud Marcus Mojo.

And rest assured that the two put on quite a show for the cameras for this afternoon as they got to fuck one another in the ass for the whole duration of the scene. Trystan was super happy and eager to get it on with Marcus as he had a fantasy about fucking that nice and tight ass for quite a while now. And mister Marcus was more than happy to let him working his butt with that big cock outdoors for the rest of this amazing ad sexy scene. So just sit back and enjoy this sexy show everyone, and do come back next time when we will have some more nice and fresh galleries for you to see. Goodbye and see you then guys! If you liked this scene, maybe you wanna see a sexy tranny getting ass fucked, so if you do, check out the Hazel Tucker site and have fun inside it!


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Trystan Bull fucks Rylan Shaw

After a hard game, the guys hit the showers, and the last two who took longer were Trystan and his friend, and seeing one another all naked and with splashed on water rolling down their hot bodies, just the way we love it at Trystan Bull fuck Rylan Shaw. Trysastan made his friend suck him long and hard, licking on his dick like it was candy on a stick. Check  them out at trystanbull videos and see them as they fuck hard on one another for this whole amazing gallery today. We know that you can’t wait to see these guys get in some nice action so let’s not delay any longer shall we guys?

trystan-bull-fucks-shis-partner-in-the-locker-roomAs we said, Tristan gets to have some nice and wild times with his buddy for this afternoon and you get to see it all. Watch as the two go for their nice little fuck scene in the locker room today, and see the whole scene start off with Tristan’s buddy starting to suck on his big and hard dick to get him nice and lubed for his naughty and tight ass, that’s just waiting for a superb fucking. Rest assured that Trystan didn’t delay on delivering that said anal fucking, and he sure made his buddy moan in pleasure for this hole afternoon today. So enjoy it as you enjoyed the rest and see you guys next week with some more of your favorite guy! Also you might enter Hazel Tucker‘s site if you wanna see a hot shemale sucking cocks!

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