Sweet Torture

Hello! Trystan Bull is back and we did not come empty handed. We hope that you guys are ready for a beautiful and naughty surprise that includes some BDSM and we all know just how much you all like it when our guys decide to go a little rough with one another. All you have to do if you want to enjoy this video is to click on that play button on the screen and to take your time enjoying their scene. Be ready for an amazing video that is going to make you want some more. Click to see this army guy ganging a hot ass!

Our TrystanBull army guy has a very hard thing to do. He must make this naughty spy tell him all his secrets and to make sure that he is going to give him the information that he needs. He tried to do this nicely, but this guy just begs for some torture. So, our guy decided to apply him some correction and to show him who is the boss around there. That guy just didn’t know what to do when he saw our guy getting all naked and that big cock of getting closer to his ass. He promises to talk but out army guy is now all excited and hard and he needs his release. After a close inspection of his companion, he sees that he also need that release and he starts to interrogate him. Enjoy!


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